Lotus Revolutions
A New Spin On Pleasure

Lotus Revolutions is proud to introduce The Lotus.

From ancient times the lotus flower has been a divine symbol representing the virtues of sexual purity, and an example of divine beauty.

The Lotus is a breakthrough in female pleasure. Our patented design joins the beauty and elegance of the lotus flower with modern design and engineering to create an experience that transcends current expectations.

Sexual stimulation is delivered by the petals of the rotating blossom. The Lotus provides you with the touch you desire; gentle and light, firm and rapid or anywhere in-between. The high-torque, 4 speed motor coupled with a varied choice of blossoms provides the experience you need and adapts to your mood.

Ergonomic design allows for the comfortable delivery of pleasure with out the physical fatigue or desensitization that traditional products can lead to.

The Lotus will become the benchmark by which all other female stimulation products will be judged; purity and grace joined with uncompromising stimulation

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