Steady progress, successful testing…..

We’ve just received the prototypes of our third blossom design.

This design, while the same density as our previous blossoms, is much more firm due to the sturdier petal design. Once again, testers are giving great feedback. Blossom 3 has a 100% success rate so far!

On the production front, we’ve commissioned our final prototype integrating the new size, battery, electronics and attachment mechanism. We’ll be updating as we progress……..

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Well, that’s showbiz……….

Here is the extent of our coverage from G4′s AEE show………..2 seconds of product shot. Better than nothing!

Any exposure is good exposure...............

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Lotus Progress 2/11/2011

Lots of great developments here at Lotus Revolutions.

*Production design has been finalized
*New electrical engineer has been contracted
*Injection molding tooling has been contracted
*Injection molding has been contracted
*Rechargeable power supply has been sourced

***The Lotus WILL be made in USA.

*Don’t forget to catch our interview on G4 network this Sunday at 10pm. ( Looks like the feature will be replayed numerous times if you miss the first airing.

I want to take this opportunity to thank a few key people:
Sky & Tara

You all know how much you’ve done to make the Lotus a reality. Without you, it wouldn’t exist.

My sincerest thanks,

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New images from ANE

Click on a picture to be directed to the AVN site where these pictures are featured. (NSFW)

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Patent Progress/Testing/New Blossom

We enjoyed another meeting today with Mike, our patent agent. Things are progressing very nicely.

We delivered another prototype to our friends for testing last night. A mere 26 minutes after we left their house I received the following email:

“The Lotus rocks, did its job well!”

Another satisfied tester………

On the design side, we ordered production of the third Blossom style shown below. You probably recognize it from the website video. We are excited to get testing started with this one, as it will be a little firmer due to its thicker petal base.

Our third blossom

As always, feel free to contact us-, and we’ll keep you updated with our steady march toward the shelves of your favorite retailer.

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Design Tweaks

Today we met with Bob to discuss our design tweaks and discussed our desire to keep production and assembly local. We all feel strongly about supporting our local community.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress through manufacturing process.

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Back home in Seattle

Getting back home to Seattle felt good, but meant time for our biggest push yet- production.

This first week back has been full of conversations with our great legal team from Equinox Business Law, Michael, our patent agent, Jim our patent attorney, Joe and Blake our web and graphic artists/designers, our manufacturers…… end in sight.

We will continue to update our blog as noteworthy events occur. Feel free to email us any questions you might have, we look forward to supplying you with the most innovative adult product available, the Lotus.

The Lotus

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Adult Entertainment Expo: Day 3 (1/8/2011)

The third and final day of the show was still busy with steady traffic to our booth to check out the Lotus. With Blaine and Bob on hand to man the booth, Eric and Tracie were able to venture over to “The Dark Side” (AEE) to see what was happening. Extremely crowded with fans, long lines for autograph seekers, performances, demos……wow.

The Adult Entertainment Expo

As the last day wound down we were able to start processing all that had happened in the 12 months since the Lotus first sprouted in Eric’s mind. It’s been a year full of learning, new relationships, fear and excitement.

The four of us left the show feeling like we had done everything we had set out to do. We had gone from crazy idea to near-production prototypes in a mere 12 months. Not only had we gotten to the show, we introduced the most exciting and innovative product to hit the adult market in the recent past.

Bob and Tracie reflecting on a great product debut

Our last night in Las Vegas included hamburgers and pay-per-view movies in bed. We were all a little too tired to go out a fourth night in a row.

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Adult Entertainment Expo: Day 2 (1/7/2011)

The second day of the show was even busier, but our booth was well-manned with the arrival of Bob Carrasca, the man behind the design and engineering.

The highlight of the day was taping of our interview with G4 network which will first air on February 13th.

CEO Eric being interviewed by G4 network

6PM was a welcome sight on day 2. It had been a very busy day. The level of excitement surrounding the Lotus was incredible. We received some very valuable feedback from some of the “heavy-hitters” in the retail side of the industry that we will be incorporating into the production model.

Day 2 ended with a phenomenal meal (and too many margaritas) at Isla in Treasure Island, frightening spelunking stories from Bob and then drinks at King Ink in the mirage.

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Adult Entertainment Expo: Day 1 (1/6/2011)

After a bit of a late start (long taxi line) we arrived at our booth and proudly displayed the Lotus for the first time.

Busy with product demos

Our first day was hectic, tiring and full of learning. We met some great people from the industry and received incredibly positive responses to the Lotus.

Overall, a great first day. We left tired, overwhelmed, our heads buzzing with information, but extremely excited about the interest and buzz that the Lotus created throughout the day.

Our evening included a big Italian dinner with Bob, our Project Manager and designer, an industry reception at Tao and a private party hosted by the gracious women of Smitten Kitten.

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