Adult Entertainment Expo: Day 3 (1/8/2011)

The third and final day of the show was still busy with steady traffic to our booth to check out the Lotus. With Blaine and Bob on hand to man the booth, Eric and Tracie were able to venture over to “The Dark Side” (AEE) to see what was happening. Extremely crowded with fans, long lines for autograph seekers, performances, demos……wow.

The Adult Entertainment Expo

As the last day wound down we were able to start processing all that had happened in the 12 months since the Lotus first sprouted in Eric’s mind. It’s been a year full of learning, new relationships, fear and excitement.

The four of us left the show feeling like we had done everything we had set out to do. We had gone from crazy idea to near-production prototypes in a mere 12 months. Not only had we gotten to the show, we introduced the most exciting and innovative product to hit the adult market in the recent past.

Bob and Tracie reflecting on a great product debut

Our last night in Las Vegas included hamburgers and pay-per-view movies in bed. We were all a little too tired to go out a fourth night in a row.

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